Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Happy Birthday Mamie Charleson

Three Sisters (L-R)  Mary Jane, Ginny, Mamie 
Mmm Salmon


June 2012 visiting her brother Moses

Hanging out in Port Alberni, watching the fishermen unloading their catch

40th Wedding Anniversary

Ginny, her dad Abel and Mamie

Friday, December 9, 2016

Chicken Noodle Soup

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After Trump won the electoral vote, I took the defensive stand of donating money to legal organizations such as the ACLU and SLPC. However I don't intend this posting to be about you-know-who, I've already skewered him on my other blogs. This is a posting for Chicken Noodle Soup.

How is this related? When Trump started railing against the "failing New York Times" I felt the desire to subscribe and help keep them afloat.  Their editorial stance seems to match mine fairly closely. However I am finding some other nice things about the subscription when I stumbled across this video.

One of my retirement goals is spending more time cooking. I dare you to watch the video and NOT want to cook up some chicken soup. Bon Appetit.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Horror of Party Beach (MST3K Edition)

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I was not happy with the way that MST3K treated this fine film. They cut the scene with Uncle Henry and his "Wild Shark" theory. However they apparently have added a featurette which is intriguing. Note the long wait time on Amazon, maybe a used copy might appear after Christmas.
 For The Horror of Party Beach, you get another introduction by Pehl, the Return to Party Beach: Making the First Horror-Monster Musical featurette, and the original theatrical trailer. - source

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Krakowiak Dance Troupe - April 10, 1935

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"So that you recognize a true Pole, I will dance and sing a dance of Krakow"
Daniel S. Burke the administrator of the Facebook Group If you're really from Stamford (CT) you'd know shared a newsclipping with me that answered a question I had about a family photo.

In my collection I had a similar photo and wondered a bit about the costumes. My photo is dated 1939 which makes me think this group was together for some time.  What a treat it would have been to see them perform.

Krakowiak Dance Troupe, my Aunt Adeline can be seen in the front row, the third woman in from the right side. I cannot locate my Aunt Mary who is also listed
My photo was labeled Polish Junior League with a date of 1939 which suggests they were together for at least four years
I was curious about the dance which apparently is the favorite of the five national dances of Poland. I found this performance on YouTube

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Instagram - Do you see what I see?

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I've seen some wonderful photos on Instagram posted by family members. I personally find it a bit restrictive because it seems to only works with smart phones. I have found no way to upload files directly.

I created this blog to share family photos and stories and I would be remiss if I did not include some that I've seen. They provide a means to embed them into blogs and websites and that is what I'm trying to accomplish. I am unaware of how they work the security settings so there is a possibility that these photos can only be seen by folks that have Instagram account.

I'm including two posts, the first is an ugly selfie and the second is a lovely photo of Grace Poltrack. I can view both photos, however I'm curious what readers of this blog see. Please add a comment and let me know.

A photo posted by Grace P (@jellifishin) on

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mount Washington Cruise

Good Morning Family,

It is Throwback Thursday and I've picked some photos for that theme taken almost five years ago (July 17, 2015). Mom arranged a family cruise aboard the Mount Washington on Lake Winnipesaukee as a late birthday gift to herself. It was nice day and the cruise was delightful. We even arranged to meet Steve and Andee who were in New Hampshire at the time.

Susan and Mom

Jay, Emily and Josh




Ship Shape



Deep Thoughts




More house than island

Primary Colors




Our crew with the edition of Steve and Andee whom we met on the dock. Later we all had some ice cream

Friday, June 24, 2016

John Stanley Poltrack

I don't remember my grand-uncle John Stanley Poltrack but I certainly remember his Cycle Shop that was located in Stamford, Connecticut. I used to get a kick out of seeing "my" name on the storefront when we drove by. John S. Poltrack was born on June 24, 1887 and the store dates back to at least the 1920s.

I have some interesting photos of the shop.

This is probably the most "recent" photo I have taken in the 1950s
Going back a few years, I wonder what became of that fire hydrant. The shop specialized on Harley-Davidson motorcycles

The work crew. John is the older gentleman on the right

Inside the sales area. Notice all the Schwinns.

This is what a workshop should look like. Bernie Dombrowski on left and John on right. Probably taken in the 1930s

One of my favorite photos. A swan float in front of the Holy Name of Jesus church on Pulaski Street in Stamford, CT.