Friday, June 24, 2016

John Stanley Poltrack

I don't remember my grand-uncle John Stanley Poltrack but I certainly remember his Cycle Shop that was located in Stamford, Connecticut. I used to get a kick out of seeing "my" name on the storefront when we drove by. John S. Poltrack was born on June 24, 1887 and the store dates back to at least the 1920s.

I have some interesting photos of the shop.

This is probably the most "recent" photo I have taken in the 1950s
Going back a few years, I wonder what became of that fire hydrant. The shop specialized on Harley-Davidson motorcycles

The work crew. John is the older gentleman on the right

Inside the sales area. Notice all the Schwinns.

This is what a workshop should look like. Bernie Dombrowski on left and John on right. Probably taken in the 1930s

One of my favorite photos. A swan float in front of the Holy Name of Jesus church on Pulaski Street in Stamford, CT.


  1. John.......funny but I used to feel that same sense of not pride but "coolness" that we would drive by a place that had the same name as my uncle Ed. Whatever became of the shop??

    1. I would like to find out if it still exists, however not enough to the trip to Stamford. The only property that I would like to visit would be my Grandmother's place on Fourth Street which is full of memories and looks remarkably the same. It is now a computer repair shop which seems fitting.