Saturday, October 8, 2016

Instagram - Do you see what I see?

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I've seen some wonderful photos on Instagram posted by family members. I personally find it a bit restrictive because it seems to only works with smart phones. I have found no way to upload files directly.

I created this blog to share family photos and stories and I would be remiss if I did not include some that I've seen. They provide a means to embed them into blogs and websites and that is what I'm trying to accomplish. I am unaware of how they work the security settings so there is a possibility that these photos can only be seen by folks that have Instagram account.

I'm including two posts, the first is an ugly selfie and the second is a lovely photo of Grace Poltrack. I can view both photos, however I'm curious what readers of this blog see. Please add a comment and let me know.

A photo posted by Grace P (@jellifishin) on


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    1. Thank you but I would suggest that you get an eye examination. How did you fare with Hurricane Matthew?

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    1. Terrific, there are so many wonderful photos to share and I'm happy it worked.