Saturday, October 29, 2016

Krakowiak Dance Troupe - April 10, 1935

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"So that you recognize a true Pole, I will dance and sing a dance of Krakow"
Daniel S. Burke the administrator of the Facebook Group If you're really from Stamford (CT) you'd know shared a newsclipping with me that answered a question I had about a family photo.

In my collection I had a similar photo and wondered a bit about the costumes. My photo is dated 1939 which makes me think this group was together for some time.  What a treat it would have been to see them perform.

Krakowiak Dance Troupe, my Aunt Adeline can be seen in the front row, the third woman in from the right side. I cannot locate my Aunt Mary who is also listed
My photo was labeled Polish Junior League with a date of 1939 which suggests they were together for at least four years
I was curious about the dance which apparently is the favorite of the five national dances of Poland. I found this performance on YouTube

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